Responsible Gaming

Come Join Us at Poker Nation!

Fortuity Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (the “Company”) upholds the principles of responsible gaming on PokerNation Website (the “Website”) in order to help ensure that the online poker experience is a rewarding one for those opting to play on our portal. This is done through multiple well thought-out measures as described below:


The Website doesn’t accept players who are under eighteen (18) years of age. This provision is enforced when you try to deposit a stake, by requiring that you enter a Permanent Account Number (PAN) by which we will verify your age. A player who is below eighteen will be blocked from using the Website. This provision is also stipulated in our Terms and Conditions and anyone who is not of legal age but who attempts to register and create an account with the Website is considered to violate the Terms and Conditions. Any player below the age of eighteen (18) who manages to bypass our systems and create a user account and who is subsequently founf to be under-age, will have their winnings forfeited. The Company reserves the right to report such individuals to the police or other competent authorities. If you share your computer with persons under the age of 18, or if there are such persons in your household we advise you to use special filtering systems to prevent their usage of this and similar websites. Among such systems, we can recommend, and (We have no commercial relationship with the entities running these websites.)


When using the Website, please try to remember these recommendations:

• At all times keep in mind that poker is only a form of entertainment that is aimed at bringing fun and excitement, and not  recommended by us as a way to make a living.

• Set yourself a periodic budget, for example monthly, and do not exceed it. You can manage your own budget easily by setting limits on your monthly or even weekly real money deposits on your Profile page.

• Never borrow money for playing poker, online or otherwise.


If you feel that you are playing poker is turning problematic or even addictive, we can help you. All we need is for you to contact us once on any of our e-mail addresses or phone numbers and on your request, we will ensure you don’t play on our platform for the next three (3) months. Your personal identification details (such as your PAN), and your player account and credit card/netbanking details will be blacklisted from deposit and play for a period of three (3) months, to help you get over your addiction.

You can also consult special organizations where experienced people will help you to resolve problems of this nature. If you request us to do so, we can provide you information on such organizations and our team will ensure we get you in touch with them immediately.

In addition, we provide our patrons who feel they may have a problem, the option of enrolling in our Self-Limit Access Program, which will cancel access to your online Website account and to our promotional mailings and other member privileges for as long a time period as you desire. All you need to do to avail of this facility is to e-mail us with the subject: “Self-Limit Access Program”, on any of our email addresses. Access to your account will then be blocked and only be re-enabled on the completion of the time period stipulated by you in the Self Limit Access Program.