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Affiliate Program / Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

How it works:

Anyone who own or operates a website can share a company’s profit based on the affiliate program. The procedure is:

  • Register to the affiliate program (free)
  • Once you are successfully registered and have been approved, you will gain access to an administrator account, and there you can find banners and other forms of promotional materials that you display on your site.
  • With the unique tracking link, all your visitors who click and register at shall be recorded in the system as your referred customers.
  • You shall track the players’ activity of your referred customers on your player’s account.
  • Every month for a lifetime (until a possible termination of the agreement) you are entitled to a share of up to 40% on net revenue of all your referred customers via a banner located on your site.

Payout option:

The Affiliate commission is calculated once a month and paid out by the 15th of each calendar month, provided that the amount reaches Rs.5000, if the amount is less than Rs.5000 it shall be carried forward to the following month and it shall be payable when it collectively exceeds the defined amount of Rs.5000.

How to get players and profit from them:

More Player= Bigger chance of higher commission

You will increase your profit mainly by acquisition of new players through the banner on your website. The player clicks on the banner and then gets to the home page of, gets registered and deposits money. A player, who is registered by you, is tracked under your account. The more active players you have, the greater is your chance to increase your profit. The amount of your commission depends on the amount of net profits of from the players who came to us via your website.

Players can be obtained also through your mailing list to which you can place advertisements and ad links. It is up to you to know, how you will manage to get the players. helps you in your efforts with incentive bonuses that are available on our website. Our team is here for you. If you have specific requirements, questions or ideas for cooperation, please contact us.