Download Android App

Step 1

Click on the “Download & Play” button in the top-centre of the Poker Nation home page

Step 2

It’ll either automatically download Poker Nation to your “Downloads” folder or a window such as this will pop-up. Select a file destination and click on ‘Save’. This process may take a few minutes. If a security warning pops up, select ‘Run’.

Installation Step 3

Step 3

On the final black and gold screen, click on “Install.”

Installation Step 4

Step 4

Congratulations! You’ve successfully downloaded Poker Nation onto your computer.

Downloading Poker Nation is the easy part. The real trick lies in playing it. But before that, you’ll have to create your account. Just enter your details in the registration form that shows up when you click on “Create Account” on the homescreen. Make sure you enter a valid email id for your authentication link to be sent to before you submit the form.

To confirm your details, click on the authentication code that has been sent to your email id. And that’s that. Welcome to Poker Nation!

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