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How to Play Hold'em

How to play Texas Holdem

All players are dealt with 1 card face up.

The player with the highest face value
will be decided as the ' DEALER'.

Dealer at poker table

The player seated next to the immediate
left of the dealer will have to undergo forced bets.

The ' SMALL BLIND' and the 'BIG BLIND' are posted by
the two players to the immediate left of the dealer, simultaneously.

Small Blind & Big Blind on poker table

After the forced bets are placed,
the 2 ‘ HOLE’ cards are dealt to all the players.

The first round of betting - PREFLOP

First round of betting: The first round of
betting is called the ' PREFLOP' betting round.
The player seated left to the big blind is at the
UNDER THE GUN’ position.

Under the Gun Player

The players can fold, call or raise.
The action of next player depends on
the previous player’s move.

After the first round of betting, 3 out of 5
community cards are dealt face up.
This is called a ' FLOP'.

Second Round of betting - FLOP

The second round of betting starts with
the small blind position player. He has an
option to either check or bet. The other
players can check, raise or bet depending
on the action by the previous player.

After the completion of the second round
of betting, the dealer opens the 4th card
face up which is called the ' TURN'.

Turn Card

After the fourth card is dealt the third
round of betting starts by the player left
to the dealer i.e. the small blind player.

After the third round, the dealer deals the
fifth card face up called the ' RIVER'.

River Card

Fourth round of betting: a similar round
of betting starts by the player to the
left of the dealer (small blind). Once the
bets are equal on the table, the players
have to show their hole cards.

Best 5 Card Combination

The player with the best 5 card
combination wins the game and takes
the money in the pot.