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Poker Game Basics

Poker Game Basics

In Poker, no suit has preference over any other suit.

All colour cards are equal.

The game offers many variants but it follows the same basic format:

Players play for the central 'pot' which contains chips representing either Play Money (or) Real Money.

All players are dealt two 'Hole cards’ and five 'community cards’ in the centre. They are placed face up in different rounds and are common to all citizens.

Players bet on the strength of their cards and strategy in various rounds of betting.

After all the betting rounds are over, the player with the strongest hand (or) the last player standing, wins the hand and the pot.

Following are the 5 different options that are given to the players while playing

  • Fold Option
  • Bet Option
  • Call Option
  • Raise Option
  • Check Option

Players can exercise only 3 of the above options at any given point.