Abhishek Jalan Wins HiFi Tour Kolkata Warm Up Event

Abhishek Jalan

In the introductory event of the HiFi Tour Kolkata, Varanasi born Abhishek Jalan took down the 5k Warm Up title.

The find hand of the evening came after a short heads up match. Jalan had a massive 4:1 lead by the time the winning hand arrived. Coming in from the small blind Jalan completed the blind by putting in the additional 8000. With 110,000 left behind him Shubham Poddar put his tournament life on stake. Jalan made an almost instantaneous call. The turn card looked menacing and the river Jack sealed the deal for Jalan, giving him a rivered straight. Poddar had to settle for runners-up. His victory should spur more people to play card games in India, proving that a playing poker can be a legitimate occupation.

This is Jalan’s second live title win, with the first being in the Main Event of the Rounders Poker Championship way back in 2016. This particular tournament also occurred in Kolkata so the city of joy has indeed granted joy to Varanasi native. On his victory Jalan stated that he was ecstatic with the win and hoped to do well in the Main Event, “I hope to continue my good form and hope this run good carry tomorrow’s Main Event where I can make it to one of two.”