Absolutely Crazy Poker Promotions

Insane Poker Promotions

In this week's edition of Poker Nation's blogs about poker in India, we have, Absolutely Crazy Poker Promotions

1. Mike Tyson’s House up for grabs!

Dominic Marrocco, an English millionaire, purchased Mike Tyson’s house for $4m in 2004 but was determined to give everyone a freeroll to win it, including Tyson. He had plans to build a reality show based around the house where hundreds of players would fight for a mansion.

The field would be reduced down to two players only, who would then battle in the mansion with Marrocco and Tyson in a final-four situation and the winner would acquire the house. In Marrocco’s case he would keep the house with him while in Tyson’s case he would eventually get the house back. There have been no confirmations on this as to whether the show ever came to fruition and there’s no evidence for it. However, Mike Tyson did play the 2009 Ante Up for Africa.

2. Chimpanzee in the Main Event?

A monkey playing poker sounds like a joke but someone tried his best to buy a monkey into the Main Event in 2006 and the name of the chimp was “Mikey”.

The good people at Poker Share actually taught Mikey fundamental poker skills such as sitting on a table and moving chips all-in.

However, there was a great deal of bickering from players who didn’t want to taste defeat by a monkey. Possibly the funniest part of the story is that according to rulebook, the monkey wasn’t even allowed to play and the WSOP actually had to find a section in the rulebook that stated only humans are allowed to play. So don’t try to get any ideas about involving your cats and dogs in poker.

3. The WSOP cash cannon!

This is a new one but in 2014, the WSOP literally used air cannons to shoot money into the Amazon Room. They shot 10,000 one dollar bills to be exact.

It was a very different promotion considering some of the players that repeated the Rio are millionaires and not exactly elated with the idea of scrambling on the floor for $3. Is this incentive for people who play poker online to switch to the live version?

4. Russ Hamilton Bags His Weight in Silver

Russ Hamilton won the 1994 WSOP Main Event. The prize included $1 million… “AND HIS WEIGHT IN SILVER”. Yes! Hamilton won his body weight in silver.

It was hardly significant either as Hamilton was as heavy as 300 pounds at that point, which ended up equalling 43 bars of silver worth a total of $28,000.

5. PokerStars in Casino Royale!

As most poker fans know the James Bond flick Casino Royale features a fair amount of poker but what people don’t know is how close PokerStars came to being one of the official partners of the movie along with Sony, Aston Martin, Omega and various others as mainstream sponsors.

According to Dan Goldman, one of the starting marketers with PokerStars, there was a deal that would have seen a satellite on PokerStars concluding with a final table in the exact location where James Bond and villain Le Chiffre faced off in the Bahamas.

Instead in the end, the company behind Casino Royale decided it didn’t want to be associated with an online gambling site and the deal was very far along and we could even see 007 materials in the PokerStars lobby.