ACOP Platinum Series: Zarvan Tumboli Wins Event

In the recent news from Macau, China, Zarvan Tumboli, who recently won the opening event at the Asian Poker Tour, Macau has added another feather in his by winning the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) Platinum Series Event #4: $3,000 NLH.

The Indian poker pro outlasted a field of 66 entries who generated a total prize pool of $172,854. Tumboli overcame Hong Kong player Yiu Heung in heads-up match where Tumboli described the last hand, “I had a 3:1 chip lead over him and last hand of the tournament was he opened and I shoved Ad 5d. Get called with KT offsuit. The board saw 9x 9x Qx 8x 2x.”

Tumboli eventually grabbed HK$ 50,554 for his top spot finish whereas Heung settled for a runner-up, bagging HK$ 36,300 for his efforts at the table.

Indian poker players who play poker will be excited to hear about the nation’s success overseas. Recently, Manoj Pentakota finished 6th in the Knockout Event.

In other news, Steven Alexander Cody shipped the HK-Macau Poker Championship for HK$ 90,075. Zarvan Tumboli