Aditya Kumar Ships HiFi Tour Kolkata Main Event for 3 Lakhs

Aditya Kumar

The second edition of the HiFi Tour ended yesterday in Kolkata with the crowning of Aditya Kumar as the Main Event champion. Kumar was the last man standing among the 35 runners and overcame local pro Rohit Madhur to clinch the title and INR 3 Lakhs.

Final Table Review

The first elimination on the final table was Arjjun Singh. He was knocked out by Warm-up Event winner Abhishek Jalan.

Aditya Kumar began the final table at the bottom half but climbed his way to the top. Next, Kumar dismissed Anil Adiani in eighth place.

Jalan, who is notable for his aggressive style of play, was eyeing consecutive titles and even took over the chip lead at one stage. He also eliminated Kanishka Samant at seventh place.

Eventual winner Aditya Kumar went on to knock Rahul Kapoor out in sixth place.

Just returning for a brief sojourn at Las Vegas, Chennai based pro Vikram Kumar wasted no time to fly down to the City of Joy for this tournament. Unfortunately, Kumar went out on the money bubble at fifth place with his pockets Queens getting ousted by Ace-Queen.

Aditya Kumar ended Abhishek Jalan’s tournament run, along with his goal of winning back-to-back titles. Subsequently, Kumar went on to eliminate Naman Khettry in 4th place setting up a heads-up battle against Rohit Madhur.

The Delhiite didn’t take long to grab the title and the last hand of the Main Event saw both players moving all-in with Kumar holding Jack-Nine versus Madhur’s Eight-Six. Kumar flopped top pair to claim the title while Madhur had to settle for the runner-up spot.

Poker enthusiasts who play poker will be happy to know that the HiFi Tour will be returning shortly. The next edition of the series is scheduled to run from August 10-15 followed by yet another October edition between October 24 and 30.

Final Table Standings (INR)

Aditya Kumar – ₹3,00,000

Rohit Madhur – ₹2,10,000

Naman Khettry – ₹1,40,000

Abhishek Jalan – ₹50,000