AIGF Conducts All India Gaming Summit

All India Gaming Summit

All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), a not-for-profit entity conducted the All India Gaming Summit 2017. The summit united relevant stakeholders on a common platform to highlight the shortfalls of the present system, issues & challenges, showcase international best practices from regulated economies, and work towards locating implementable solutions. The summit was held on Saturday at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

Regarding the subject of legalizing gaming in India, Hon’ble Justice Balbir Sing Chauhan, Chairman Law Commission of India, stated, “Issue of Gambling and Betting has to be addressed by the renowned experts of the industry gathered here at the summit today. We welcome the opinions of the industry experts and would look forward to incorporating the views in our report”. As per the industry reports regularizing and legalizing the sector will bring in revenue and employment. But responsibility of ensuring welfare and safeguarding the interests of the vulnerable sections of the society should be kept in mind while regularizing the betting and gaming. I wish all the success to the summit and look forward to the fruitful discussion”.

Owing to the surge in young population, economic growth, purchasing power, technological development and the need for varied forms of entertainment, the industry has a massive potential for growth. The industry is critical in generating tax revenues for state governments as well as creating employment opportunities.