APT Macau: Nishant Sharma Finishes 9th in Warm-Up Event

 Nishant Sharma Finishes 9th

Action at APT Macau is boiling up for Team India with yet another player making it in the money. Nishant Sharma finished 9 th in the Warm Up event taking home HK $20,800 for his efforts.

Final Table Review:

After the bubble popped, the day’s entering chip leader Kwok Luen Hei doubled up against Yun Lam Kevin Choi’s short stack. This was Choi’s turning point for his quest to land the throne.

One player who avoided elimination during the round was short stacked SJ Kim. Kim bested Hung Sheng Lin’s pocket aces with his pocket nines when it improved into a straight. Later, he staged a good run but ultimately fell short in 4th place with Choi booting him out.

The three-way match began with Peng fully asserting his dominance on the table until Choi decided to wager all his chips with K♦ Q♣ versus Peng’s 5♣ 5♦. Choi won the hand with a queen appearing on the flop. Weicong Tang also doubled up via Peng but was unable to grasp his lead for very long. Peng challenged back on two occasions for his lost chips and knocked out Tang by cracking aces with a 6♦ 9♣ straight on the board that featured 2♠ 7♠ 5♥ 8♣ 6♥.

Heads-up had both Peng and Choi even in stacks. Choi went on to clinch it in just two swift hands.

Speaking on this finish, Nishant Sharma stated, “It feels great to make final table in my 1st international tour. Currently playing the Main event. Cheers!”

The latest triumph for Team India offers added incentive for people who online poker to try their luck in the live version of the game.

Final Table Results:-

1. Yun Lam Kevin Choi – HK$ 111,000
2. Zhongcai Peng – HK$ 68,500
3. Weicong Tang – HK$ 50,100
4. SJ Kim – Korea – HK$ 38,900
5. Kilian Loffler – HK$ 33,700
6. Alan Lau King Lun – HK$ 29,200
7. Hung Sheng Lin – HK$ 25,600
8. Luen Hei Kwok – HK$ 22,800
9. Nishant Sharma – HK$ 20,800