Intrduction of AI in Poker

The race for the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sparked up! A new edition of Libratus, an AI that had beat four poker pros in January is being developed to compete against a team of top Chinese poker pros. Just a month prior, another AI, DeepStack had beaten 11 poker pros, including noteable poker pro Phil Laak.

Libratus was developed by Carnegie Mellon University, which is now developing its upgraded sibling, titled, Lengpudashi. The name translates to ‘cold poker master’. Lengpudashi will face “Team Dragons” a group of six Chinese pros headed by Alan (Yue) Du, who has to his credit a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet that he claimed in 2016.

Libratus and Team Dragon will battle each other in a 36,000-hand challenge between April 6 -10 in Hainan with a $2,90,000 for the winner at stake. The challenge will last 10 hours per day, with the software playing two hands at a time on the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s Bridges Computer.

Professor of computer science and co-creator of Libratus, Tuomas Sandholm, along with Ph. D. student, Noam Brown, are also behind Lengpudashi. Sandholm stated, “I want to explore various commercial opportunities for this in poker and a host of other application areas ranging from recreational games to business strategy to strategic pricing to cybersecurity and medicine”.

The new Lengpudashi vs Team Dragons will be more of a scientific experiment than a true fight. It will be a part of an exhibition match - Hainan Resort Software Community, being hosted at Haikou City, and organized by Sinovation Ventures.

Presently most of the bots are only skilled at heads up no-limt hold’em. But, Brown claims that they could soon go far ahead and stated, “ Research on six-max poker is going to start to happen and I think that the field is going to develop very quickly. I think that with some minor improvements to Libratus, you’d be able to see it beating humans at six-max within two years.”