The Deltin Poker Tournament successfully concluded with two more winners – Banman Warr, who won the 10K + 5K Bounty for ₹724,410 and Jagdeep Singh, who triumphed in the 15K 6-Max event for ₹580,000, both of whom regularly play poker.

Banman Warr emerged victorious, taking home ₹7,24,410. Deepak Bothra finished runner-up for ₹5,80,000. Overall, the event attracted 271 hopefuls, with the top 30 finishers collecting a piece of the cash pool.

The final table began with Shrey Mahehswari in front with 388,000 chips. Sahil Agarwal was at second place with 278,000.

The first to exit was Charu Vikram at tenth place, and Warr, who remained low profile till then, emerged to knockout Ashish Kasaraneni at ninth place.

Paawan Bansal busted at eighth and minutes later Vinod KK was eliminated by Sahil Agarwal at seventh. The hand saw Agarwal go all in with pre-flop and Vinod with made the call. The board revealed awarding Agarwal the stronger pair and the pot.

However, just after Kishan M departed at sixth, Sahil Agarwal met his event demise at the hands of Samay Modi.

Thereafter, Deepak Bothra with moved to bust Shrey Maheshwari, who had on a board that revealed . Maheshwari exited at fourth place.

Deepak Bothra went on to knock out Samay Modi at third place, but was unable to sustain against Warr at heads up.

The decisive hand saw Banman go all-in with . Bothra called with . The board brought forth awarding Banman the title, while Bothra finished runner-up for ₹442,692.

Final Table Results (₹)

1. Banman Warr – ₹7,24,410

2. Deepak Bothra – ₹4,42,692

3. Samay Modi – ₹2,95,130

4. Shrey Maheshwari - ₹2,14,640

5. Sahil Agarwal - ₹1,87,810

6. Kishan M – ₹1,47,565

7. Vinod K K - ₹1,20,735

8. Paawan Bansal – ₹80,490

9. Ashish Kasaraneni – ₹46,953

10. Charu Vikram – ₹33,573