Bengaluru Techies Embrace Online Poker Culture


The technology capital of the country is now destined to become the capital for online poker, after scores of techies have begun investing in the popular card game.

Poker experts claim that being adept at math makes it simpler for techies to get hooked to the multi-level thinking game. The weekend game of cards has become a daily sport as it is helping techies supplement their primary income.

"At the click of a button, I make money. It takes care of my daily expenses," says Vaibhav Sarangi, a senior analyst.

Presently, Bengaluru has the highest population of technical experts who are exposed to global culture. With poker being recognized globally for its viability as an occupation, many people are starting to pick up the game as a secondary source of income. This is compounded by the fact that numerous online portals have promotional offers that greatly benefit users. Experts from the poker industry believe that the online poker has a bright and lucrative future.