Best Moments From WSOP History

Best Moments WSOP

In this week's edition of Poker Nation's blogs about poker in India, we have, Best Moments From WSOP History

In the 40-year old history of the World Series of Poker there have been ample number of thrilling moments and here we have selected the 10 best moments of them.

1. Phil Hellmuth Youngest Champion Ever

The history of poker would have been different if Phil Hellmuth would have fallen to Johnny Chan in the Main Event. Rather than the youngest Main Event Champion the story would have shown all about Chan’s 3-Peat and Hellmuth might have faded off into poker vagueness. But the Poker punk went on to gather 12 WSOP bracelets and is one of the best self-promoters known in the poker world.

2. Johnny Chan vs. Erik Seidel

The hand of 1988 WSOP has been canonized by the movie Rounders, and is likely the most well-known hand in poker history. It can be debated that it’s inclusion in the movie demonstrates everything that poker represents; from skillful play to the upheaval of emotions players.

3. The Early Days

Talking about the early days, Johnny Moss was the first WSOP Champion and was “elected” the winner in 1970, and then in 1971 grabbed the first tournament-style WSOP. His victories were followed by fellow road gamblers Amarillo Slim, Puggy Pearson, and himself again in 1974, Sailor Roberts, and lastly Doyle Brunson in 1976 and 1977 consecutively.

4. Barbara Enright Crashes the Party

Enright was first and only women to make the WSOP Main Event final table in 1995 and her feat provided women a chance to get their foot in the man’s world. She is probably the most accomplished female player in WSOP history with three bracelets to accompany with her fifth-place finish in the WSOP Main Event in 1995.

5. James McManus makes the Final Table

It can be said that besides Rounders, Positively Fifth Street was influential in introducing the WSOP to the masses. Whilst an amateur at the final table was from abnormal, the inclusion of McManus, likewise his task covering women at the WSOP and the Binion murder trial provided his WSOP run the chance to fall in a best-selling book, Positively Fifth Street.