Bets Line Up For President Trump’s Impeachement

President Trump

The US President can’t seem to avoid grabbing headlines. Nothing seems to have changed with the maniacal businessman, as betting websites continue to see action, as Trump keeps the world guessing with his shenanigans.

Betting company Ladbrokes says they have taken in more money on Trump than Brexit.

“I just think we're thousands of miles away here, but you cannot escape Donald Trump, whether you look at social media or in the newspapers. And it's that unpredictability which is driving everyone to come and have a bet because people are all questioning what's he going to do next,” Alex Donohue, Head of Ladbrokes, said.

It seems that people are betting on a wide range of scenarios, ranging from the future of the travel ban to Sean Spicer’s tenure as the press secretary of the White House.

Donohue claims bettors think Trump’s state visit to the UK is likely to be cancelled, and another popular bet is for Trump to visit Russia later this year.

But the event that bettors think is most certain to happen is for Trump to either be impeached or to resign within his first term. Others believe that the replacement might come as soon as late 2017.

However, not all Britons are betting for the President’s impeachment. The current potential for Trump to serve two full terms is running at 4-1 odds.

“Odds of 4-1 means it's about a 25 percent chance. By no means are British bookmakers dismissing the prospect of serving two terms,” Donohue said.

What is certain is that Donald Trump’s Presidency has triggered a massive boom for these kind of markets. Reportedly, foreign poker sites have already accepted thousands of dollars on this wager.

For all we know, Donald Trump himself might be having a piece of the action as well as the last laugh!