Bryan Hollis WIn Casino Employees Event At WSOP 2017

Bryan Hollis

WSOP 2017 witnessed its first bracelet-winner with Bryan Hollistaking down Event #1: $565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em for $68,817.

The opening event at this WSOP 2017 drew 651 entries to form a prize pool of $325,500 and top 98 places made the cut.

Haviv Bahar ended up 10th after going all-in with pocket jacks and coming up short against Victor Kim's pocket queens.

Kim was the next player to depart; he had a rollercoaster adventure but it ended when he couldn't win with his versus Adem Arbuckle’s pocket tens and left in ninth place.

Vincent Russell was the next one to hit the rail in eighth place accompanied by initial chip leader Chris Gallagher in seventh place. Gallagher couldn’t maintain his lead. He shoved holding and got called by Bryan Hollis who tabled . Hollis got a queen on the flop and sent Gallagher packing.

On Adem Arbuckle’s final hand of the event, he called Chris Solomon and found himself behind, settling for sixth.

Alex Cordova was taken out two hands later after which short stacked Jermel Stephens ran his top pair into Josh Clanton's set of jacks to get knocked out in fourth place.

When the final three card game players took their seats, it was Hollis who sent Clannton packing in 3rd place.

Heads-up battle was a 25-hand battle before Bryan Hollis finally tricked Chris Solomon into bluffing his ten high against his flopped top pair to take down his first ever WSOP bracelet.

Final Table Results

1. Bryan Hollis - $68,817

2. Chris Solomon - $42,508

3. Josh Clanton - $29,372

4. Jermel Stephens - $20,629

5. Alex Cordova - $14,731

6. Adem Arbuckle - $10,698

7. Chris Gallagher - $7,903

8. Vincent Russell - $5,941

9. Victor Kim - $4,547