Lawmakers in California started viewing regulating state-licensed online poker sites since 10 years but nothing has ever come to actualisation. It was supposed that 2017 would be the same but according to OnlinePokerReport, California Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, sponsor of the current  online poker bill, has stated that there won’t be any action taken on it this year. The argument could be restarted next year but still not guaranteed.

California association haven’t been able to come to an accord on how to regulate the industry. Some of the delegates don’t want PokerStars to be allowed entry into the market.

The Golden State online poker market is expected as the most fruitful of its kind in the nation. The state has about 40 million people, which is way more than Canada.

The chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association Steve Stallings told Card Player that there’s been less of a PokerStars pushing presence in Sacramento lately.

Amaya, parent company of PokerStars, is acquiring more and more of its revenue from online games other than poker, a turn that’s noteworthy for the future of California online poker efforts.

According to Stallings, it could be a “turning point” if PokerStars ever decided to close its services of  online poker in the state. California has only taken peer-to-peer online poker in consideration and no other games like blackjack or slots, though it’s assumed that poker could be the gateway game.