Chinese Olympic Gold Medalist Accused Of Not Paying Casino Gambling Debt

Kong Linghui

A 1996 Olympic gold medallist from China has reportedly been sued by a casino in Singapore over a gambling debt.

The lawsuit claims that former table tennis/ping pong world champion Kong Linghui owes Marina Bay Sands a reported sum of $330,000 USD. Kong vehemently denies the allegations, stating that it must have been accrued by somebody else during a February gambling trip with friends and family in 2015.

However, the 41-year-old has been sacked from his job as head coach of China’s women’s table tennis team. China is hugely against gambling but does permit it in Macau. The suit claims that Kong himself borrowed the sum from the casino and has since only repaid a small portion of it.

“It is only until today after media reports have exposed the incident that I have learned someone had left some debt unsettled with the casino,” he issued a statement. “I am being dragged into the lawsuit. I have immediately requested the indebted to show up and clarify the facts.”

The scandal arrives during the World Table Tennis Championships. “This incident has caused negative effect on the [national] team, which I feel deeply disturbed,” he further added.