Deepak Bothra & Manoj Pentakota victorious in the DPT April 2017 Tag Teams Event for INR 4.74 Lakhs

Deepak Bothra and Manoj Pentakota

After the High Roller taking buzz at the top level, it was the Tag Teams that gave a treat to the poker world. The new addition to the series, the ₹15K + ₹15K buy-in event saw its first champions in the Team of Deepak Bothra & Manoj Pentakota who collected ₹4,74,000 for the win. The Event had an interesting and unique format of alternative members playing as a team and fusing their stacks in later stages of the event. This should be an inspiring story for those who frequently play poker.

Two players were engrossed in each team who collectively paid 1 buy-in and shared the same chip bank. The 1 st team member started to play at level 1 with 5,000 chips. If that 1st team member is eliminated in Level 1, he/she would be replaced by the 2nd team member who would then commence with the other 5000 chip stack & would play both the remainder of first level & the second level in order to affirm that the participation remains persistent. By 11pm the event was down to the last 12 teams, making it more thrilling. At Level 10 the leading stacks were -

  • Yohan Patel & R.G. - 80,000
  • Deepak Bothra & Manoj Pentakota - 55,000
  • Kush Kataria & Nathan Rao - 50,000

The money bubble erupted 2 hours later with the elimination of Team Mitul Mehta & Jaydeep Dawer, who were thrown out by concluding champions Bothra & Pentakota. Mitul was holding and moved all-in with around 32,000 and Pentakota called holding . The board displayed the providing Pentakota a pair of kings and this resulted in the elimination of Mehta and Dawer from the event.

Bothra & Pentakota reckoned to be in a winning mode by then and first dismissed Team Paawan Bansal & Vinod Megalmani in fourth place; further removing Team Anmol Mehta & Neville Shroff at third place.

Heads-up commenced with Bothra & Pentakota in the lead and lasted for a short while. The final hand saw for R.G. and Yohan moving all-in for 150,000 while Bothra & Pentakota called holding . The board displayed a pair of king and Bothra & Pentakota clinched the title defeating Team R.G. and Yohan who made a runner-up finish for ₹2,74,000.

Final Standings (₹)

1. Deepak Bothra & Manoj Pentakota - ₹4,74,000

2. R.G. & Yohan Patel - ₹2,74,000

3. Anmol Mehta & Neville Shroff - ₹1,87,000

4. Paawan Bansal & Vinod Megalmani - ₹1,37,000

5. Kush Kataria & Nathan Rao - ₹99,000

6. Mayank Jaggi & Vinayak Malani - ₹76,40