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Deltin Poker Tournament February 2018: Dainik Mehta Ships 35K Main Event

Deltin Poker Tournament

The headline event of the 2018’s February edition of the Deltin Poker Tournament is finally in the history books. Perhaps the most uplifting feature of the series is that each segment has crowned a new champion thus far. Putting this event to bed was none other than Dainik Mehta who conquered a 293-strong field to lift the coveted DPT trophy.

Head-ups play was contested between Dainik Mehta and Arjun Arora with the former emerging victorious. The last hand of the tournament saw both players going all-in with Mehta’s Kh, 6h up against Arora’s 5s, 5c. The board ran Qd, Kd, 8d, 6d, 9h crowning Mehta the DPT winner.

Final Table Standings:

1. Dainik Mehta - ₹23,19,680

2. Arjun Arora - ₹15,28,600

3. Avinash Tauro - ₹9,86,200

4. Abhijeet Shetty - ₹7,64,300

5. Aditya Sushant - ₹6,21,300

6. Anil Gulati - ₹4,91,300

7. Manish Jain - ₹3,94,400

8. Asif Asin - ₹3,05,700

9. Asad Nadeem - ₹2,31,700