Deltin Poker Tournament: Jagdeep Singh Ships 15K PLO Event

Jagdeep Singh

The biggest tournament for , poker the Deltin Poker Tournament, has been a resounding success so far. The September edition of the series came to a close after Jagdeep Singh won the final event of the series, i.e the 15K PLO Event.

Final Table Review:

The last hand of the 15K PLO event saw Bobbie Suri and Jagdeep Singh jamming preflop with Suri showing Kd, 5d, 6h,6d versus Singh`s Ad, 7d,2s,8s. Singh rode his good fortune and he clipped two pairs on the board 5s, Qs, Qc, 10s, 8c to clinch the final title of the September edition of the series.

Final Table Standings (₹):

1. Jagdeep Singh - ₹3,47,000

2. Bobbe Suri - ₹2,08,000

3. Amit Sur - ₹1,49,000

4. Aditya Sushant - ₹1,09,000

5. Prashant Jain Bhutoria - ₹79,000

6. Vikram Kumar - ₹59,000

7. Vivek Rughani - ₹39,000