Deltin Poker Tournament: Vikram Kumar Takes Down Bounty Event

Vikram Kumar

The 15K Bounty event that had a reward worth INR 10 Lakh attracted several enthusiasts of poker. Overall, the event drew 121 competitors with the top 12 finishers getting paid. Piyush Jain was leading the final table chip counts with 2,66,000 chips in total.

Final Table Review:

The final hand of the bounty event saw poker pro Nikita Luther opening the pot and Vikram Kumar called to see the flop 9s, 2s, Qs. Kumar passed and Luther bet 65,000 prompting Kumar to go all-in. Luther called with Ks, Qd for top pair while the latter tabled 10s, 8s for a flopped flush. The turn Jh and river Ad gave Luther no hope and Kumar was crowned the champion.

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Vikram Kumar - ₹3,59,400

2. Nikita Luther - ₹2,27,600

3. Faiz Alam - ₹1,58,600

4. Vaibhav Sharma - ₹1,25,800

5. Hardik Shah - ₹89,800

6. Vikash Khaitan - ₹65,900

7. Piyush Jain - ₹44,900

8. Rakesh Sharma - ₹35,900

9. Anubhav Adlakha - ₹27,000