Filipino Wins Main Event Warm Up Title

Filipino Wins Main Event Warm Up Title

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Lester Edoc was among the headlines when he won the Main Event Warm Up title at the Asian Poker Tour Kick-off 2017. He earned a $7,840 payout along with the event trophy.

There was one more event, the Head Hunter which has 74 participants. Van Sang Nguyen led the final 7 players at the end of the day with 238,500 in chips. The Day 2 will begin at 1 pm on 14-01-2017.

Day2- Main Event Warm Up

The event attracted 73 players with a total pool of $28,320 in prizes. Only 14 players could advance to Day 2 but only 9 were guaranteed the minimum payout. The initial fight filtered out the smaller players and left only the well-stacked players.

A different strategy was observed from Edoc, he started with a short stack but played smartly and ended the day with the 2nd highest chips. The highest was Jamaica’s Gorge Taylor who began the day at the same place.

Lieu Kuen Seng made way for the final table as he collected his pay-out and left the table with eight others still in the battle. Korean Joo Hyun Park was the first to depart the final table.

A surprising seventh place went to Taylor as Japanese Yoichi Uesugi single headedly depleted his riches. No one managed to maintain the lead as the first-place kept switching hands.

Edoc’s compatriot Moses Saquig doubled his fortunes through Uesugi and then even hit the million mark after downing Hyungtaek Jo for sixth. After this point, it was Edoc’s game.

He eliminated Uesugi, Costiniano and Tsuchikawa in quick succession for fifth, fourth and third respectively. Tsuchikawa already having a short stack. It was then a match between the two Filipinos.

The heads up between Edoc and Saquing lasted just one final hand. Edoc pushed all in on the river on the board. Saquing reluctantly called for his tournament life and saw the bad news. Edoc had and took down the title as Saquiing tabled.

Final Table Results
1. Lester Edoc – $7,840
2. Moses Saquing – $4,840
3. Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – $3,540
4. John Costiniano – $2,750
5. Yoichi Uesugi – $2,380
6. Hyungtaek Jo – $2,070
7. George Taylor – $1,810
8. Joo Hyun Park – $1,610
9. Liew Kuen Seng – $1,480

Head Hunter

This was scheduled as the fourth event and saw 74 partakers. The Prize pool was $21,310 but there was quick movement and early eliminated players collected US$100.

Malaysian Neil Lawrence was unlucky as he exited just 1 place before the paid ninth place. The nine were further cut down to seven. Van Sang Nguyen won a three-way all in a showdown at the end as he finished 1st, eliminating two others.

Chip Counts
Seat 1: Julius Aldave – 78,000
Seat 2: Lin Hung Sheng – 69,000
Seat 3: Neil Lawrence – 120,500
Seat 4: Anh Tuan Nguyen – 38,000
Seat 5: Anthony Gabitan – 83,000
Seat 6: Van Sang Nguyen -238,500
Seat 7: Gerard Bringley – 113,000
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