Five Bizarre Poker Headlines

Bizarre poker headlines

Poker has always been a game that has produced some of the craziest stories all around the world. Here are some strange headlines that enthusiast of poker in India will enjoy,

  • 1.‘Wife a Poker Jinx, Asks for Divorce’-

 In 1910, this was the genuine reason that one lady gave a judge for requiring a separation. Mrs. Alma Olsen was a religious lady, and her prayers apparently ‘plagued’ her significant other’s fortunes and caused him to be unable to provide for his family. In a shocking twist, Mrs. Olsen admitted to being a ‘poker jinx’ to the judge in order to get out of the marriage. The judge later sympathised with her ordeal and granted her a divorce.

  • 2.‘Lost his clothes in Poker Game’-

Deep into the spring semester at Yale in 1904, a poker story broke out that was simply amusing. After a policeman stopped a young fellow in nightgown dashing across York Street, the officer demanded youngster for a reason for the unacceptable behavior. The boy told the policeman that he and a few friends had needed to play poker yet had nothing with which to back their chips. At that point, one of the young fellows suggested that they play for their clothes, which they ultimately ended up losing.

  • 3.‘Girl is Stake at Poker’-

 This incident took place in Rollete, North Dakota. Two brothers had their sights set at on the same girl and decided to battle for her affection over a game of poker. James Belknap won and hurriedly made arrangements to marry the girl, Jessie Peltier. For some unknown reason, James left town but when he returned his fiancée was nowhere to be found. After doing some research, James found out that she had run away to Canada with his brother George, the loser of the game!

  • 4.‘Cats used as chips’

The match-up between Pete Snelling and ‘Old Man’ Booker of Clarkson was regarded as one of the strangest poker duels ever. In this game, cats were used as chips where they were shuffled in crates and boxes across the room. A kitten was worth half as much as a cat. Snelling started the game off with 50 cats and kittens, and eventually went on to win it. His chip count at the end? Well over 100 cats and kittens.

  • 5.‘Raise the limit with the Cop’ – 

This one details the interesting and unlucky evening one lady had in New York in 1906. Irene Lockman had enjoyed a fairly successful evening playing poker at a room before her luck ran out. Two other gentlemen joined the game and they began making profits. Irene, getting frustrated with her change in fortune, excused herself from the table, dashed across the street in search of a policeman and ended up getting them all pinched. The woman made bail, but the men were locked up on the charges of robbing Mrs. Lockman. However, later on, all three received second punishments.