Five Reasons to Play Poker Live

Five Reasons to play poker live

While online poker in India is more convenient than its counterpart, it lacks one key aspect of the game – the ambience of a casino. The environment and feel of a casino makes the experience of playing poker even sweeter. Here are some more reasons to try the live version,

  • You don’t like playing for money with friends

Some people just don’t like competing for money with friends. People who play poker regularly tend to be ruthless at the poker table, and this over-competitive attitude might hit your friends the wrong way. At the same time, a regular player might hold back and not play to their complete potential in the company of close buddies. If you feel this way, you’re better off not playing for money.

  • You might encounter someone famous

The shroud of anonymity is the most notable feature of the online version of the game. In such a situation, you don’t really know who’s sitting next to you at the table. This downside here is that you could potentially be playing with a poker legend right next to you. Popular live venues like Las Vegas and the Philippines is where all the big fish go to feed. You’re really missing out if you just play online poker.

  • Bad Beat Jackpot

Casinos or live poker venues offer a host of interesting features to poker players. One such example is the ‘bad beat jackpot’. This jackpot is usually a small amount which is awarded to a player who loses to an opponent at showdown whose hand is marginally stronger. Live poker venues use these little add-ons in an attempt to entice more players to participate.

  • Ambience

As stated earlier in the introduction, the buzzing ambience of a poker room is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of playing poker. Meeting new people and basking in the vivid scenery of luxurious casino resorts are a few things that make the experience of playing poker worthwhile. Not to mention that there a numerous enjoyable side-events also going on in the background.

  • It is more challenging

While there aren’t many differences between the live and online version of poker, one key aspect is especially integral in live poker – bluffing. Bluffing is an important psychological skill in poker, which comes into play quite often in the live version. Player expressions or ‘tells’ give away a lot of information about the strategy an opponent chooses to adopt. Picking up on the minutest of expressions is a challenge of its own. Any seasoned poker player will tell you how significant the ability to read people is. On the contrary, this skill doesn’t not have the same impact in online poker since you’re staring directly at your computer screen instead of a competitor.