Five Signs That Suggest Weakness in Poker Players

Weakness in Poker Players

The journey to becoming a professional poker player is a long and arduous one, especially for enthusiasts of poker. The game of poker relies heavily on psychological elements like tells. Even the slightest of expressions can reveal a lot of information. Here are some common signs that indicate weakness in poker players,

  • 1.Shaky Voice

Usually, people who have poor hands are not very vocal on the poker table. If you ask a player a question and he responds in a shaky voice, it implies that the player is uncomfortable and would much rather keep quiet. As a veteran poker player, you would want to exploit this flaw which is common in newcomers.

  • 2.Acting Dominant

You’ve probably read that acting dominant while holding a weak hand is the strategy newcomers in poker should try to implement. But it is one of the strongest tells in poker.

Regardless of how “old” this tell is, even today people try to display strength while possessing weak hands. In poker no one really wants to give away hand strength, so it is unlikely to witness a player having a huge hand trying to show this off to his opponents by acting strongly. Instead, they try to conceal it.

  • 3.Staring at the board

This is something you will encounter frequently. When your opponents seem to be gazing at something for an extended amount of time, they are unlikely to have a strong hand. This holds true when they stare at the board or their hole cards.

After viewing pocket aces, you will instantly try to hide it and put down your cards on the table. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that your opponent would be staring at a pair for long and thinking about the good moments he will have after winning the pot.

The same principle applies for community cards. If you see someone looking at the board for longer than a couple of seconds, they are likely weak. If your opponent has something, he will try to hide it and will appear to be uninterested. Therefore, if you notice someone looking at the cards for longer than normal, it is a sure sign of weakness that you can exploit.

4.Freezing after making a bet

Similar to point number 2, freezing after making a bet most certainly reveals that your opponent is uncomfortable. And when are poker players uncomfortable? When they are afraid that you will call and claim all their chips.

More often than not, in order to not give away the weakness of their holdings, players tend to conceal such information by doing absolutely nothing. This includes not moving, not blinking, and sometimes not even breathing!

So, when you witness someone freezing following a bet being made, it should signal some weakness on their part, and you could conceivably call lighter.

5.Thinking for long then checking

When players ponder a lot and then check, they are often weak. In many cases, they are considering whether or not to bluff or, alternatively, just deciding to fold.

Otherwise, they would act more quickly because this is quite an easy decision. If they have a medium-strength hand, they do not have much to ponder over and are very likely to check instantly.

This type of behaviour is yet another weakness that can be exploited by the shrewd poker player.