Five Tips to Survive your First Live Poker Game

Five tips to survive your first live poker game

While both the online and live versions of poker might not have discernible changes when it comes to game-play, enthusiasts of poker in India know the impact the atmosphere can have on one’s game. Online poker is usually played within the luxury of a person’s home, so it may not seem as intimidating as actually going to a live poker venue which is full of vibrant visuals and sound. Here are some tips for people who are planning on playing their first live game,

1) Act when it's your turn

Acting out of your turn and tossing your chips in annoys poker players the most. Not only is it humiliating, but you also reveal information about your betting pattern to your opponents. It will also make you appear like an amateur player, which is something regular poker players look to exploit.

2) Always declare your activity

When you need to raise, just say 'raise'. On the off chance that you toss in chips and haven't reported a raise, the dealer will take this as a call. To avoid this from happening, simply start continually calling your activity. Communication is key for any group to function correctly, and will minimize errors.

3) Place your bets clearly before you

Ensure wagers are clear and before the line. The dealer will put them in the pot for you. It's essential for your opponents to have the capacity to see the measure of chips in the pot and the sum you have wagered.

4) Don't hesitate to make inquiries

The dealer works for the venue and it is their job to offer assistance. In the event that you have missed the activity or aren't aware of what’s going on at the table, don't be reluctant to ask the dealer.

5) Don’t use your phone at the table

This is disliked and in numerous live poker venues, and is thus prohibited in some. Hold up until the point that you have messed your cards, leave the table and attend to your phone. In most occasions, it is best to leave your phone in your room in order to keep distractions at bay.