Five Topics You Can Always Discuss At The Poker Table

Poker table discussion topics

Poker has a tendency to last for several hours. What better way to pass the time then to engage in some friendly chit-chat with those around the table. Here are some discussion topics that are always welcome at the poker table,

Tell a Great Poker Story

Telling an amusing poker story is sure to get the conversation ball rolling at the poker table. Talking about celebrities or prominent poker players you’ve met at the table is something you could talk about.

General Introductions

Whether you’ve just reached the poker table or a new player has sat down in an empty seat right next to you, introducing yourself to your neighbours is a great way to potentially make a new friend. Striking up even the most arbitrary conversation topic could end up revealing some interesting parallels between yourself and the other players at the table. It’s always worth saying more than just “hello”.

Chat about Food

Whether you’re the type of foodie who lives to eat or just follows a standard 3 meal a day diet, chatting about food while playing poker is about as neutral as you can get. Everyone eats, so everyone’s got their opinions about their favourite dishes.

Critique the Latest Films

Poker table talk doesn’t have to just be limited to the big screen. With platforms like Netflix and Amazon dishing out an array of unique shows, you’re bound to find someone who shares interest in a common show.

Talk about the news

This is good to bring up when there’s a lull in the conversation, and there’s usually no harm in discussing the daily news. Try to stay away from controversial topics and instead talk about something that is encouraging or uplifting.