Four Signs that Suggest Strength in Poker Players

Signs of Strength

In a previous article, we covered the signs that indicate weakness in poker players. Now we will look into the subtle hints that suggest a poker player knows what he/she is doing.

  • 1.Betting instantly

Wasting no time in making your move can have a few meanings, and when you see someone calling instantaneously in the midst of a hand, they are almost certain to have a weak holding or a draw. However, when you notice someone betting or even snap shoving, they are likely to have a very strong holding. When this more often happens, the player has already made their move of how they’ll act regardless of whatever cards come their way. Thus, if someone shoves on the river at the same second when it appears, it is likely your opponent already had that move in mind. It is quite rare that this individual is making a bluff.

2.Direct eye contact

When you opponent looks directly into your eyes it coveys an element of strength. Holding eye contact for long time is bound to make you feel unnerved, which is exactly what your opponent wants. It is quite unlikely that your opponent is playing a bluff, since bluffing constitutes hiding weakness from a player. Therefore, when your opponent exudes confidence through a direct stare, it is usually not a good sign for you.

  • 3.Talking while playing

If someone consistently chats while you try to make your move, it usually suggests strength and confidence in his hand. Although most players would not risk talking too much while bluffing so as not to divulge any information. What they utter is not so important, but rather the fact that your competitor is chatting at all should give you some clues regarding the strength of his hand.

  • 4.Quick glances at their chips

This is a powerful tell. When you notice someone subconsciously eyeing their chips after seeing his cards or the flop, it is almost certain that he wants to play the hand. On the contrary, this is also one of the easiest tells to fake and several players try to implement this fact in their strategies. While it’s a great tell, be sure you’ve got the correct read.

Along the same lines, if you see a recreational player making this play it is way likely to be natural, and you’ll already have some knowledge about his hand. For regulars on the other hand, it is not a reliable tell.