Gagandeep Malik Takes Down DPT 15K Bounty

Gagandeep Malik

The biggest tournament for poker in India the Deltin Poker Tournament, is reaching its thrilling end, with just a couple of event left on schedule. The 15K Bounty tournament was a re-entry event that attracted 150+ entries was taken down by Gagandeep Malik for ₹6,58,000 beating Rahul Melwani in the heads-up battle. Melwani had to settle for the runners-up prize of ₹4,02,000.

The tournament ended with blinds running 20,000-40,000-5,000 and Melwani (Qs 2s) shoving which was instantly called by Malik, holding a King-Jack off suit. Malik found a pair of Kings on the river giving him a top pair and also the title with the top prize.

DPT Main Event April winner Mayank Agarwal was busted in the final table of this event with blinds running 8,000-16,000-2,000 where Agarwal having pocket nines moved all-in which was called by Gaurav Gupta having Ace-Ten off suit where rest of the players on the table folded. Agarwal was knocked out at 10th place for a prize of ₹33,000.