Gambling proposal in Florida dead for 2017

Gambling proposal in Florida

The Miami Herald has reported that legislation that was expected to allow a casino in Miami and would have also allowed the Seminoles to expand their casino offerings has fallen by the wayside.

The complex gambling expansion bill has been announced dead by lawmakers, as the current legislative session is ending this week. Florida’s promising deal with the Seminoles, who operate seven casinos in the state, was also a part of the legislation. Allowing slot machines in additional counties was another integral part of the measure. This issue was highly debated by the lawmakers.

The reason behind the failed efforts was the competing versions in the House and Senate. Few of the gaming expansion issues are playing out through the courts.

The tribe, which has a blackjack monopoly in the state, is currently running those games without a state agreement. The last one expired previous year and both the tribe and the state have been trying to form a new deal. Tribal gaming is managed by the federal government.

The legislation would have favoured the tribe to run on blackjack and keep the monopoly in exchange for $3 billion to the state over the next 7 years.

The bill maker called the attempt to appease all gaming interests as “three-dimensional chess.”