How Google Maps’ Latest Update is Inspired from Poker

Google Maps

The newest update of Google Maps has introduced a nifty new feature which is set to simplify our day-to-day lives. The update for the Google Maps Android app reveals when there is likely to be traffic at a particular destination. When looking for directions through the app, a small graph will show up displaying the average time it will take reach the location. Undoubtedly, this will be a boon to office goers all across the globe, and will save a lot of time.

You’ll probably agree with me when I say

Companies like Tesla and Pokemon seem to have just appeared all of a sudden with innovative products and become overnight successes. The most common misconception is that these companies knew exactly what product and when they needed to introduce it based on some complicated ability to predict future demand. What people fail to understand is that these firms didn’t revamp some old product and give it a shiny new touch, but instead came up with a completely new idea and introduced it to a fresh market. The defining attribute these companies had was the ability to correctly read consumer demand. This is a skill which often gets downplayed. While not just in the corporate world, mind-based sports like chess and poker emphasize the importance of reading people.

You may have noticed..

Professional players wearing sunglasses and sometimes even weird hats while playing poker. You might find it hard to believe but even the slightest twitch in facial expression can give a lot away in the game of poker. These little micro-expressions, which last for a brief second, can convey emotion. In poker these expressions are called ‘tells’. Seasoned poker players are gifted in the art of deciphering these tells and can thus correctly predict the next move on the table. Concealing your joy when you have a managed to make a full house at the poker table is tough work. Veterans are always on the prowl for the slightest of giveaways.

Not just in poker, but the ability to read people is a crucial life-skill. Where else do you think incorporating this skill will pay off? Have your say below.