How Online Poker was Predicted Decades Ago

Online Poker

Honestly, where would we be today without the internet? Most jobs and recreational activities rely heavily on the internet. Prior to its inception in 1989, many people thought such a sophisticated medium of communication was the stuff of dreams. But, one wise prognosticator already knew of its arrival.

Marshall McLuhan was a lecturer and philosopher who became recognized globally as a media theorist, coining the term ‘global village’, which is closely resembles the definition of the internet. Like most theorists, his observations were widely dismissed by academia but, after the birth of the internet a few years later, people realized that his theories were not so farfetched.

What was his theory?

McLuhan believed that human history could be divided into 4 eras: the acoustic age, the literary age, the print age and the electronic age. He predicted that humanity was on the verge of beginning the electronic age, which would be characterized by the union of people via technology. This was when he introduced the term ‘global village’

Was his prediction right?

It is unfortunate that McLuhan wasn’t alive when his theories and predictions ultimately came true. It is only after his death that he was lauded as a visionary in terms of using computers as an instrument of communication.

What this meant for online gaming..

Smart devices like phones, tablets and laptops are ubiquitous these days. To encounter a person not possessing a nifty smart phone would be tantamount to finding a pot of gold in your back yard; it is just so rare. Web-based gaming portals that provide online poker in India, have become easily available.

Did you know?

Approximately one million people in India play online poker. Additionally, the market for online poker in India has an estimated worth of a whopping $120 million. This lucrative scenario has prompted international brands to bring their business to the Asian subcontinent. The high smart phone penetration in the country has made this possible. While some state laws restrict the regulation of poker, it seems likely that they will reconsider since the popular card game brings in a huge chunk of revenue.

Seldom has the world witnessed visionaries who correctly predicted revolutionary concepts. What examples do you know of?