How the Game of Thrones Cast Would Play Poker

Poker in Game of Thrones

In this week's edition of Poker Nation's blogs about poker in India, we have, Critically acclaimed fantasy series GOT is back on television screens with season 7

With season 7 of the critically acclaimed fantasy series having officially made its ways to our television screens, fans can now reunite with their favourite Westerosi characters. Adapted from George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the HBO produced series has broken the norm of traditional television with its violent and sexual content. Additionally, killing off the central protagonist in the first season itself is a move not many shows would attempt. It is jaw-dropping moments such as this one that compel enthusiasts of both show and books to tune in every week, and in doing so, has made HBO one of the richest networks in the world.

That’s not all…

The show has produced some of the most diverse characters in television history, from the intellectually gifted Tyrion Lannister to the purely maniacal Ramsay Bolton. These traits are discernible in all spectrums of life. In truth, the ability to read people plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Particularly, in games like poker, this skill is extremely valuable.

‘When you play the game of thrones you either win or you die’; we’ve already seen our favourite characters play the game, and face the ensuing aftermath. But has anyone ever wondered…

How would they fare on the poker table?

Each poker players exhibits a different type of behaviour on the poker table. Which GoT character would portray the stereotypes associated in poker? Let’s find out!

Tyrion Lannister, The Intelligent Player: Everyone’s favourite Lannister outcast has exhibited his keen intellect on more than one occasion. He definitely is the embodiment of the intelligent poker player; a person who knows how to read people well, and bets wisely; which reflects his famous words,” I drink and I know things”

Peter Baelish, The Shark: Littlefinger has easily established himself as one of the most cunning players of the game. In many ways the manoeuvres he’s displayed in the show are similar to the manner in which a poker shark would operate. Sharks are generally good in all aspects in the game, but their defining quality? They are very difficult to read. Additionally, they have seemingly unlimited patience and can easily give off false impressions. Indeed, Lord Baelish’s Machiavellian nature matches the attributes of a shark.

Sansa Stark, The Newbie: Like anyone new to the game, Sansa Stark is the epitome of the poker newbie. Newbies don’t really possess the overall expertise and display reluctance to learn on their own. They do have the enthusiasm and intelligence to play the game but get caught out simply due to naivety, and are often taken down by poker bullies.

Ramsay Bolton, The Bully: Sometimes on the poker table, one might encounter a bully. Poker bullies display accentuated levels of aggression, much like the psychopathic Ramsay Bolton, whose exploits have shocked GoT watchers. To best the poker bully, one must simply wait until they make a fundamental error.

Lord Varys, The Veteran: The Master of Whisperers has seen it all, and knows how to play the game. Seasoned poker players know what happens on the poker table before anyone else. Most importantly, they are excellent readers of the game and can distinguish between newbies and sharks with the blink of an eye. In almost all occasions, they always come out on top.

What do think about these comparisons? Do you these characters match their poker counterparts? Share your opinion below!