How to Escape a Poker Downswing

How to escape a poker downswing

It is common for regular poker players in India to experience dry spells in the game. Everyone goes through it. But sometimes, these rough patches have a tendency to carry on for long durations, quite like a nasty cold. Here are some tips to help escape the seemingly endless downward spiral,

  • Take a break

First and foremost, you have to acknowledge the fact that you are on a poker downswing. After doing so, it’s probably a good idea to take a break from the action. Go on a holiday, pick up a hobby or just do something that will take your mind away from the card game. A mental break from poker will make sure that you think only about you’re a game when you return.

  • Re-access your gameplay

If you’re on an unending losing streak, it is probably time to revaluate your strategy. In such a situation you need to ask yourself a couple of questions: Do you have a fully sound strategy? Are you deploying your knowledge effectively?

The ability to adapt to different playing conditions, anticipate plays and read hands is critical to success on the poker table.

  • Study

There is no shortage of poker related material on the internet; be it books or tutorial videos. Rather than whining about your bad run, use your time away from the table to discover new techniques you can implement at your next seating. Take it a step at a time; try one new technique each day.

  • Consider what your poker idol would do

Most people who play poker professionally have someone they look up to – a poker hero who prompted them to pick up the game. When you’re down in the dumps, put yourself in your hero’s shoes. What would they do in such a situation? This can help you think of different strategies to adopt. The bottom line is it takes a good deal of mental strength to achieve success when things aren’t going you’re way.

  • Lower the stakes

It’s been established that downswings can be hard on both your bankroll and your morale. An easy way to find your feet again is to move down in stakes. Playing at reduced stakes gives you an opportunity to play with a lower stress level. With the weight of the money off your shoulders, you can concentrate on beating the softer opposition. Sometimes all it takes it a couple of wins to get your confidence back.