How To Protect Yourself When Playing Online Poker In India

Online Poker in India

While the internet age has made everything much more convenient for us as individuals, cyber hacks and frauds have also come into the picture. This is why an added emphasis must be put on security when playing online poker in India. With a plethora of online platforms available for play on, it is necessary that one does research regarding the security aspects of these websites prior to engaging on them. Here are some tips to keep in mind to safeguard your interests at the poker table,

  • 1.Does the website ask for proper ID information?

Most online portals will just ask for a username and password before you can either make withdrawals or deposits. When it comes to financial transactions, this system isn’t really the safest. Websites that ask for details information such as drivers’ licenses or government-assigned identity cards are usually the most secure ones. Although, it might seem like an inconvenience at first, it goes a long way in protecting your funds.

  • 2.Does the login screen have encryption?

This is something that many people overlook when logging in to their accounts. Each player should be made to enter a username and password before accessing the online client. After the information is entered, the client will redirect the user through an encryption and subsequently into a secure database. However, there are quite a few websites that do not possess such features which leaves user information vulnerable to data hacks. Fortunately, websites are beefing up their security protocols to ensure that data always remains protected.

  • 3.Have you done your research?

Most poker players are drawn in by the lucrative offers websites provide, thus disregarding the nature of security the platform has in place. The number 1 step is selecting a trusted website. In our previous blogs, we’ve covered the subject on how to know if a platform is trusted. Usually, websites that have sufficient traffic and have been in the business for a long time are ones to bank on. Take ample of time to carry out a thorough research of online services, and once you have found one that checks all the boxes, sign up and play.