India Emerges as Biggest Growth Area for Online Poker


Poker has always been a contentious topic in the country. On the one hand, it is a country that loves to wager, whether it is on a cricket match, a game of poker or the spin of a roulette wheel.

However, throughout most of India, all forms of gambling are prohibited. However, there is nothing in Indian legislation that bars online betting, and Indian nationals have reportedly crowding to UK-based sites to join in on the action.

The UK is seen as a haven for online gambling – it is a pastime with which the public and the authorities are content with, and is seen as both an enjoyable pastime that can generate financial rewards for players and an equally important industry that contributes large amounts of revenue to the UK economy each year. Yet the UK sites are not only for UK players.

They welcome players all across the globe, and India is regarded as one of the biggest growth areas for online casinos. Interestingly, while online casinos themselves are not allowed in India, there is an entire local industry emerging where companies act as “middle men,” providing Indian casino fans with links to websites in the UK and elsewhere.