IPA alleges infringement of rights by Gujarat police

It is being understood that the Indian Poker Association (IPA) has addressed the pending poker matter before a vacation bench of the Gujarat HC for swift adjudication, in light of the recent raids carried out by the Gujarat police on poker rooms in Surat and Ahmedabad.

IPA has asserted that poker is a game of skill and consequently playing the poker in India is an activity that is safeguarded under the right to free trade and commerce, which is presently guaranteed under Article 19(1)(g) of the Indian Constitution. IPA has also added that the recent raids on poker rooms and the harassment of poker operators by the police is not validated.

Gujarat on the other hand has claimed that playing poker is tantamount to gambling and consequently has to be barred. The Gujarat government has also sought more time to respond on the issue following which the matter has now been listed for hearing on 22nd May, 2017.

KN Suresh, Secretary of IPA stated that he was upbeat that the court would rule in his favour on and that games would resume in Ahmedabad shortly. He further added that Senior Advocate SV Raju has been retained by the IPA to appear on its behalf in all upcoming hearings.

It is understood that the other poker rooms who had filed petitions before the Gujarat High Court have not yet joined forces with IPA in asking for swift adjudication of the swift.