Indians To Watch Out For At WSOP 2017

Indians At WSOP

Here are a list of Indian Pros, who play poker, to watch out for this WSOP 2017

  1. Aditya Agarwal

Looking at the team on their way to Vegas this year, with his regular participation at other global tournaments, the most renowned poker face of India and the sole member of Team PokerStars from India, Aditya Agarwal will again be a top contender to clinch a bracelet for the country. Agarwal is quite comfortable in the international arena and as a seasoned online player the volume he has played, has given him quite the edge.

  1. Raghav Bansal

He is another consistent player who is one of the most disciplined players in the professional poker circuit today. Extremely diligent, Bansal has been putting in quite a lot of work on his poker game with personal coaching from top pros and also mental coaching from an expert. His experience in international events and his deep runs at previous WSOP tourneys makes him a top contender to bring bracelet home.

  1. Aditya Sushant

Aditya Sushant’s name will go down in the history books as the first Indian to bring home a WSOP bracelet. Tagging up with Nipun Java, Sushant won the WSOP Tag Team event for $150,637. Will he add another to the tally? Only time will tell.

  1. Amit Jain

Jain has time and time again proven his mettle by scoring notable finishes both online and live. He even made a deep run in 2016’s Little One Drop event placing 14th for $27,714. Jain will be one of India’s top picks for the bracelet for anyone who is aware of his talent.

  1. Muskan Sethi

Sethi will be attending the festival for the sixth consecutive time and has been quite busy travelling. With regards to the event, Sethi stated, “Reached London. Getting to Vegas on 14th. Will play some bracelet events and the Main. I learnt a lot at the PSL and have been working with my coaches Elliot Roe and Grayson Nichols who is from the states and doing a lot of yoga and meditation. Scoop pumped my bankroll for Vegas so will be adding some more events to my schedule.

  1. Kunal Patni

Patni has been quite regular in the Asian circuit for some time now and will depart for the WSOP for the third time in 2017.

  1. Akash Malik

Delhiite Malik has also been making frequent trips each year to the Mecca of poker and will be en route to the WSOP for the fifth time in 2017. He feels comfortable playing in United States because he believes it’s the softest field as compared to anywhere else on the globe.

  1. Sumit Sapra

Sapra, regular in the domestic circuit, is frequently seen in action at Asian events. He will be attending the WSOP this year.

  1. Antonio Pereira

Antony Pereira managed to bag a side event title in 2016 when he shipped the $135 Rio Daily DeepStack event for $4,606 and will be attending the WSOP.

  1. Samay Parikh

Samay Parikh is a probable attendee at the WSOP and will be a top pick to bring back the bracelet if he decides to attend. He was off to a good start early on in his career when he clinched the ₹50,000 PokerGuru Tour High Roller Event way back in 2011.