las vegas casino sued over mannequin that frightened customer

This is a rather strange one.

Caesars Entertainment’s Planet Hollywood casino on the Las Vegas Strip has been allegedly sued over a mannequin used as decoration in one of its hotel rooms. A gambler stated he suffered injuries after seeing it in his darkened room, got scared and ran away, as reported by a local news outlet.

The incident occurred in 2015, as per the lawsuit filed on May 15.

The mannequin was encased in glass and was wearing a Miller Lite racing suit, but the man apparently claimed he wasn’t able to tell upon entering the hotel room. He demands at least $10,000 in damages for his bodily injuries. Specifics on the injuries weren’t stated in the lawsuit.

The injuries were described as to his “body, organs, limbs and nervous system.”

“The presence of a life-sized human figure in a dimly lit room was a dangerous and/or hazardous condition,” the lawsuit states. The suit also claims he wasn’t warned of the mannequin.

Caesars casino issued a statement to “While we do not wish to comment on pending litigation, historically several Planet Hollywood rooms were decorated with memorabilia which has been cleared during a $125 million full modernization and renovation of all existing 2,496 rooms.”