Law Commission Of India Invites Suggestions On Legalisation Of Gambling

Law Commission

Recently, the Law Commission of India has issued a public notice inviting suggestions from various stakeholders and members of the public on whether betting and gambling should be legalised.

The Law Commission in its notice has declared that the SC while passing an order on the Lodha committee suggested reforms had directed the government and the Law Commission to consider the suggestion of legalising betting and poker.

The Commission also added that since the issue of gambling and betting is interlinked, it would analyse the possibility of legalising both gaming and betting along with a comprehensive study of the existing laws. The notice declares that there is a strong case that legalising betting and gambling will bring in tax revenues.

Retired Law Commission Chairman Justice BS Chauhan has attended many discussion sessions with stakeholders on the pertinent issue. Justice Chauhan had also recently visited ICE this February to understand the regulatory framework surrounding gambling and betting in other International jurisdictions.

The Commission has allotted a time period of thirty days within which any individual can send his/her suggestions via post or email.