Most people picture the lifestyle of a professional poker player as one filled with BMWs, mansions and elite fame. Some pros are, in fact living the dream, others however are not so fortunate. As is case with any career, success in poker is achieved through sacrifice, hard work and commitment. With being said, here are the pros and cons of the much sought after poker lifestyle,


1.Having your own schedule

Being a professional poker player means you answer to no one. You can choose when to play, who to play, how often you play and where to play. This vast amount of freedom sounds like a luxury. Additionally, you can also decide when to stop playing. This type of liberty is seldom seen in any job or career.

2.Possibility to claim fame

Winning poker titles can be a fulfilling career achievement. Depending upon the stature, a big win can propel any player to instant stardom overnight. Grasping fame and being recognized worldwide for your accomplishments will undoubtedly inspire many people to choose poker as a career.

3.No age restriction

It is never too late to begin a career as a professional poker player. Players can start at any age and pick up on the skills needed to succeed. Poker started off as an ‘old man’s game’ but has now slowly seen an influx of young, aggressive players dominate the game. Though the truth remains, anybody can play, and win big.


Let us now look at the other side of the coin and discuss the drawbacks of a professional poker career,

1.Losing streaks

Poker is a game of patience. Just as there are good days, the gloomy ones also exist. These ‘bad runs’ can last for days, weeks or even months and can lead to frustration and subsequently depression. Poker professionals need to exercise mental fortitude during these runs. Good discipline and composure will guide players out of this dark abyss.

2.Lack of social life

This is more applicable to online players. Having to sit at home in front of your computer screen can make you somewhat of a recluse. You physical interactions will be limited and existing friendships may suffer as a result. Ensure that you allot time your social life and not miss out too much.

3.Sedentary lifestyle

In many ways playing poker professionally is similar to any 9-5 desk job, where players are usually seated whenever playing or researching about the game. This compounded by the low-energy meal options implies that such a lifestyle is extremely unhealthy. Therefore, it is crucial that one incorporates discipline into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The right diet coupled with regular exercise can keep your mind and body in sync to play great poker.

With all of this being said the secret to becoming a successful poker player boils down to you. Make the right choices, exercise discipline and mental strength, and nothing can come in your way to achieving success in poker in India.