Macau Poker Cup 27: Indian Cashes at the series so far

Indian Cashes at the Macau Poker Cup

With poker growing at an exciting pace, it is normal to see so pros take part in numerous events all over the globe. One such event where Indian challengers have made significant inroads is the 27th edition of the Macau Poker Cup.

With the Red Dragon Main event underway, several Indian pros edged through the event on Day 1C with Manoj Pentakota, Nishant Sharma, Pradeep Nudurumati, Sumit Sapra, Raghav Bansal and Akshay Nasa all making it through to Day 2.

Additionally, many have made deep runs in side events headlined by Rohit Madhur who placed second in Event 18: $15,000 PLO for HK$179,100. Meanwhile, Mayank Agarwal, Mohit Agarwal and Prashant Jain Bhutoria also picked up scores.

Indian Cashes so far:

Name Event Position Prize Money (HKD)
Neeraj Kumar Event 1 18 HK$5,000
Nathan Rao Event 3 2 HK$40,500
Akshay Nasa Event 4 2 HK$15,046
Neeraj Kumar Event 4 13 HK$1,400
Nishant Sharma Event 4 22 HK$1000
Paawan Bansal Event 5 1 HK$75,000
Ronak Jatin Vyas Event 5 6 HK$27,770
Nathan Rao Event 6 4 HK$15,100
Ronak Jatin Vyas Event 8 6 HK$10,500
Nathan Rao Event 8 8 HK$7,000
Nishant Sharma Event 10 1 HK$65,882
Vishal Tajpuria Event 11 5 HK$12,850
Pradeep Kumar Singh Event 13 10 HK$6,600
Vishal Tajpuria Event 13 15 HK$4,400
Charu Vikram Kaushik Event 14 30 HK$11,300
Apoorva Goel Event 14 36 HK$10,300
Mahipal Vala Event 14 39 HK$9,400
Rohit Madhur Event 18 2 HK$179,400
Mohit Agarwal Event 18 7 HK$59,650
Mayank Agarwal Event 21 18 HK$17,600
Prashant Jain Bhutoira Event 21 27 HK$11,600