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Macau Poker Cup: Rajeev Raut & Neeraj Kumar Finish Runners-Up In Team Event

The Red Dragon Main Event is gearing up to a climactic finish. 69 competitors arrived on Day 3 of the Main Event, and by the end of today’s play, just nine will remain in contention for the prestigious trophy and the HK$3,055,000. Additionally, the winner will receive a PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship (PSPC) Platinum Pass worth US$30,000.

China's Junhao Hong is leading the pack with a commanding chip lead on Day 3. Hong has assimilated an impressive 4,610,000 in chips which he will take to the final table.

Event 24: HK$5,000 Teams Event

The HK$5,000 buy-in Teams  Event drew 52 teams in total that generated HK$226,980 in prize pool. Team Jingyang Yu and Wensheng Huong overcame Team Rajeev Raut and Neeraj Kumar after a heads-up deal was concurred. The first-place victors earned HK$64,500 for their finish while the Indian duo made HK$58,000 for their runner up finish.

Final Table Standings (HK$)

1. Jingyang Yu and Wensheng Huang - HK$64,500*

2. Rajeev Deepak Raut and Neerai Kumar - HK$58,000*

3. Ta-Wei Tou and Chia Chen Chen - HK$31,800

4. Guofeng Hoe and Xianhe Alecz Chan - HK$24,980

5. Hiroyuki Noda and Kazuhiro Shirasswa - HK$18,200

6. Shaun Wei Boon Phang and Bao Qiang Ho - $15,900

7. Darren Yee Joon Wee and Zi Kai Li - $13,600