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It was an iconic moment at the partypokerLIVE MILLIONS Dusk Till Dawn, when Maria Lampropulos shipped the Main Event for a life-changing £1,000,000, amidst a huge crowd of more than 8,500 entries. Heads up was a tense 40-minute tussle, where Lampropulos beat local pro Jacob Mulhern to grab the title.

Lampropulos initially offered the Doncaster pro a deal at the beginning of heads up, but he refused stating, " I want the million". However, Mulhern had to settle for a second-place finish that bagged him £650,000.

Final Table Review

The Main Event had many starting days both; live and online going on to create a total prize pool of £6,017,395 with the top 253 finishers grabbing a piece of the pie.

Eight players were all that were remaining on the final day and that featured global pro Stephen Chidwick. However, Chidwick rapidly doubled through start-of-the-day chip leader Mateusz Rypulak and it was eventually Indian-origin Neel Murthy who departed the final table first, knocked out by Lampropulos.

The only other woman at the final table, Katie Swift who had also come in through a UK qualifier was next. She first saw her stack obliterated by Chidwick’s ace-jack, which made a full house on the board versus her helpless ace-king. Subsequently, Jeremy Pantin’s pocket queens made short shift of her pocket tens and she dismissed at seventh place.

Chidwick didn’t last much longer either and followed at sixth, ousted by Rypulak. Jon Spinks and Rypulak too, were eliminated next at fifth and fourth places respectively, with Mulhern playing the main role in the departure of Rypulak.

Three-handed chip stacks were quite equal, but Pantin soon lost a large portion of his stack to Mulhern and was soon sent packing by Lampropulos.

Lampropulos almost lost it all initially at heads-up on Mulhern’s play, until she caught two bluffs with an ace-high and a second pair to obtain a 2 to 1 chip advantage and all it took was another three more hands to end it all.

The final hand came with the two players holding -



The board showed and Lampropulos had the title in the bag, while Mulhern ended runner-up.

Mulhern’s rail had been cheering passionately throughout, but moved back to let the women at the venue applaud the winner and joined in the congratulatory shouts creating a truly festive ambience!

Final Standings:

1. Maria Lampropulos - £1,000,000

2. Jacob Mulhern* - £650,000

3. Jeremy Pantin - £450,000

4. Mateusz Rypulak - £320,000

5. Jon Spinks - £220,000

6. Stephen Chidwick - £150,000

7. Katie Swift - £100,000

8. Neel Murthy - £72,395