Michael Del Vecchio cashed a big bundle at the WPT Rolling Thunder

Michael Del Vecchio

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Rolling Thunder held in California saw Michael Del Vecchio of United States conquering the $3,500 Main Event for $284,638. The event was hosted at the Thunder Valley Resort Casino and alongside some of the global pros, 421 entries were recorded for the main event.

Del Vacchio snagged the chip lead on Day 4 and played under the radar most of the time until the final table was on going. The first to exit at sixth place was Connor Drinan who got sickened by Olivier Busquet. After two and a half hours Busquet was fumed by Steve Tabb at fifth place. Tabb with king-four suited called only to get a flush on the board and Pre-flop Busquet moved all in with his ace-eight suited.

Vechhio was sinking on the chip counts by the time but four hands later an encounter with John Hadley saved him from slumping. Vecchio’s pocket sixes strikes the pot off Hadley’s ace-queen and the latter got down at fourth position.

Tabb had the advantage and drive to sustain it for three hours more, concluding finally at third place, but with the consolation of the first six-figure payout of $122,296 at the event.

Vechhio faced Mizzi after crashing Tabb with a 2 to 1 chip advantage at heads up. But, Mizzi provided a bold fight, even contending away the chip lead.

The final hand took an hour to arrive. The board revealed giving Vecchio trips with his , Mizzi called having an open-ended straight-flush draw with his . The river with turned useless for him and the poker tournament finished with Vecchio taking the title. Mizzi made a second-place finish for $190,105.

Vecchio seized his first WPT title and also a seat worth $15,000 into the WPT Tournament of Champions set for the season-end on April 7 in Hollywood.

Final Table Results

1. Michael Del Vecchio - $284,638

2. Sorel Mizzi - $190,105

3. Steve Tabb - $122,296

4. John Hadley - $81,930

5. Olivier Busquet - $63,013

6. Connor Drinan - $52,222