Michael Hahn Reigns Victorious In HPT Ameristar East Chicago

Michael Hahn Reigns Victorious In HPT Ameristar East Chicago

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Michael Hahn crossed $1 million in live tournament cashes by claiming victory in the Heartland Poker Tour Ameristar East Chicago $1,675 Main Event for $190,417. It's the biggest career live cash for the American.

The event attracted 590 players on the busy weekend, creating a colossal prize pool just shy of $850,000. Some of the players among the 63 to cash in the event included Ravi Raghavan, Eddie Ochana, Shiva Dudani, Dash Dudley, Fadi Hamad and Nadya Magnus.

Hahn took the lead as the final table kicked off, but Joseph Elpayaa moved ahead when he eliminated HPT regular Stan Jablonski with ace-king against jacks. Jerry Siemienas ran his queens into Daniel Loizzo's aces and then Elpayaa overcame Brekstyn Schutten with kings against king-queen.

However, it was Elpayaa finding himself down to 18 big blinds six-handed, which is when he jammed over a Hahn open with fours. Hahn eliminated Elpayaa when a king turned up, after already having an ace-king pair.

The American secured yet another elimination when he opened king-ten and called the shove of a short-stacked Jacob Baumgartner, who turned over queen-ten. No queen came and it was all down to three with Hahn holding half of the chips. Fortune favored him as he hit a straight with a six-five and beat Loizzo, who couldn't get away from top pair.

Nikola Budrakoski was low in chips but found a double when he was dealt queens while Hahn, sixes. He entered into a slight lead, but Hahn regained control and had about a 2-1 lead when the final hand went down. Budrakoski shoved for about 13  big blinds with fives and Hahn called with ace-six hitting a flush on the river to finish the tournament.


Place Player Prize
1 Michael Hahn $190,417
2 Nikola Budrakoski $117,631
3 Daniel Loizzo $77,095
4 Jacob Baumgartner $53,569
5 Vihn Tran $38,928
6 Joseph Elpayaa $30,212
7 Brekstyn Schutten $25,388
8 Jerry Siemienas $21,157
9 Stan Jablonski $16,925