The record-breaking APT Championships Philippines 2017 Main Event has come to an end and when the dust settled it was local Mike Takayama who survived the 442-entry field to take home the most coveted title at the series along with the top prize of $105,530.

Final Day

Eight players came back for the final day to play down to the winner and when the dust settled it was the favourite Mike Takayama who bagged the title.

Takayama was down to only five big blinds at one point on the third day but his impressive play at the later stages of the day helped him establish the second chip lead on the final table.

Final Table Review

It was the chip leader Asakura Yasuyuki who took the first elimination in William Te. Next to hit the rails was Anton Del Rosario whose pocket sixes were no match versus SJ Kim’s pocket eights.

However, Kim took a massive hit to his stack when his missed straight went up against Kosaku Akashi’s pocket aces. Kim couldn’t chip up following that and got eliminated soon thereafter.

Kosaki was the next one to be busted followed by Noel Araniel and the play was down to the final three players.

The former chip leader Asakura Yasuyuki was the next to perish, courtesy Keith Seah.

Seah began the heads-up play with a 1.5:1 chip advantage but after trading chips for several hands, Takayama affirmed the lead with a 2:1 chip advantage. The last hand of the main event saw Takayama’s up against Seah’s

and a king on the board

cemented the title for Takayama.

Final Results (USD)

1. Mike Takayama - $105,530

2. Keith Seah - $60,020

3. Asakura Yasuyuki - $40,300

4. Noel Araniel - $28,300

5. Kosaku Akashi - $22,720

6. SJ Kim - $18,010

7. Anton Del Rosario - $14,150

8. Jun Te - $11,150