Mobile Gaming Sees Tremendous Growth

Mobile Gaming

Online poker has been on the rise in recent years. With the influx of new technology and surge in portable devices, it is safe to say that mobile-based gaming is the future of this online gaming market. In accordance with the report of Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2014, mobile gambling is anticipated to grow at a critical rate with the estimation that it will breach over 40 percent of the online betting market by 2018.

The abundance of wi-fi coupled with explosive rise in smartphone users are the primary reasons of this growth. In 2014, mobile devices accounted for roughly 55 percent of the total internet usage in the United States, with apps generating 47 percent of the traffic.

The convenience that comes with mobile devices are making it popular among the users. Portability is another significant competitive advantage that mobile devices have over desktops. Obviously, playing poker on the mobile devices from wherever one happens to be is far simpler than waiting to reach home for placing one’s bets on the desktops.

Although nothing is set in stone, statistics indicate that mobile based gaming will replace traditional browser based gaming in the near future.